Things to do

We have loads more to SEE & DO at this year’s Fort Con, it’s going to be awesome! Scroll down for some more information on our attractions, things to do and photo ops!

The Nevis Centre Studio is being transformed into a fully-fledged gaming centre for one day only. We’ll have over 20 PINBALL and ARCADE machines set FREE to play ALL day at Fort Con 2! You can also play your friends, old or new, on our retro stations and table-gaming zones. We’ll even have a big screen in the Fort Con Arcade and we’ll announce soon what will be on that. The FORT CON ARCADE is FREE to play. All you need is a Fort Con ticket!

The image below is from the first Fort Con where we had just six machines from the amazing Eric Ridley of Paisley Pinball. The newly designed Fort Con Arcade will be filling out the Nevis Centre Studio – you’re in for a treat!

Fort William Arcade, fort con arcade fort con 2016

There’s not a huge amount we can tell you about this, save to say – ZOMBIES, BORDERED-OFF AREA, PHOTO OP, DO NOT ENTER! They are real zombies as well so don’t get too close as they’re a bit bitey and if they do take a chunk out of you then you might become one too – and our insurance guys wouldn’t like that, so you’ve been warned! It’s a fantastic photo opportunity for every Fort Con 2 ticket holder. DO NOT FEED THE ZOMBIES! 

Test your Nerf ability on a 6 meter shooting range at Fort Con 2! This extremely good fun and an awesome addition to the Fort William Convention is brought to you by the Monkeytron Collective Nerf range in association with Foam Dart Thunder. Donations to the Nevis Centre fund or a purchase from the awesome Monkeytron Collective Nerf stock is appreciated for this attraction. You’re going to love this one!

Not only will Fort Con 2 have a full-scale retro arcade in the Studio, we’ll also have a VIRTUAL REALITY set up from the amazing VR PARTY SCOTLAND! These FREE taster sessions, exclusively at Fort Con 2, are limited to a few minutes to allow as many people as possible to get a taste of the future. If you’ve never experienced virtual reality before then you’re going to love this, you’ll just have to come along on the day to see what it’s all about. The term; ‘LIGHT-SABER THRUSTING’, has never sounded so appealing!

It has been 40 years since the release of STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE and Fort Con 2 is having a bit of a celebration. We’ll have some SPECIAL GUESTS who have appeared in some of the Star Wars films over the past 40 years who have many stories to tell. If you’re a Star Wars autograph collector, we hope to be able to sate your appetite. We’ll also hopefully have members of the UK GARRISON and MANDALORIAN MERCS for awesome photo opportunities (to be announced). We will even have life-size C3PO and R2D2 figures! More to be announced and confirmed for this over the next few months, it’s looking awesome already!

It’s the 40th Anniversary Year of Roger Moore’s THE SPY WHO LOVED ME! Yes, 40 years since Jaws and XXX were introduced to the 007 world. We love James Bond at Fort Con HQ so to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of one of the best (and cheesiest) Bond films ever made we have a massive 6 metre x 3 metre James Bond display with a walk on platform to make the most of an amazing photo opportunity. Spies at the ready!