Richmond Clements


We are happy to announce that Richmond Clements will be attending Fort Con in October and will be taking part in some of our comic book based panel discussions.

Richmond Clements is a comics writer and editor, originally from Northern Ireland and now living in Inverness. As well as being an editor at FutureQuake Press, he has published the graphic novels Turning Tiger, Ketsueki and Pirates of the Lost World.


He has written for the Fortean Times and Scream magazine, as well as being a regular reviewer on the Forbidden Planet Blog. His work has appeared in numerous anthologies, including Strip magazine, where he wrote Black Ops Xtreme and co-created Black Dragon, Cross from Disconnected Press, Bomb Scares from Time Bomb comics and numerous one shots for Barry Nugent’s Unseen Shadows series.

He is currently working on a GN with ‘Hound‘ creator Paul Bolger, the Pearl Jam inspired No (Comics) Code and far too many other projects, if he’s honest. His forthcoming choose-your-own-adventure book Napoleon Stone and the Army of Set and graphic novel The Chimera Factor for the Unseen Shadows series will be published soon.