Our chosen charity – West Highland Museum

west highland museum fort con fort william

At Fort Con we will be holding a charity raffle with some awesome prizes. Any money made from the raffle will be donated to the West Highland Museum in Fort William to protect the collections and artwork for future generations.

There’s something special about an independent museum who’s purpose is to educate and inform its audience. Something almost magical about it, that these icons of history remain steadfast to this day, strong in their belief that they should follow the path of preservation and storage for many future generations to come.

The West Highland Museum is one of those icons in a land packed to the rim of history, artifacts and collections. We are proud to have chosen the West Highland Museum to raise funds for. It’s not easy running an independent museum, not least in the current climate and the Fort Con crew want to see the collections and historical artwork preserved for our children’s children to enjoy.

Museums nowadays need more funding than ever before for many different reasons and we hope that at Fort Con our charity raffle might tempt you to part with your cash. Not least in the hope of winning some of our amazing items at the raffle but rather preserving history for many generations to come.

Fort Con’s fundraising and your donations will go a some way to securing the future of the history at the West Highland Museum.

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