Oscar Cat Creations

Oscar Cat Creations are exhibiting their unique list of geek chic crochet, beanies and other hand made wonders.

Oscar Cat Creations Fort Con

Mairi Scott and Oscar Cat Creations love attending comic cons and are no adding Fort Con to their list of events. They take inspiration from cosplayers so make sure to dress up


Mairi says: “I make things out of yarn, and the list of items is steadily growing,  we have my geek chic!!!  Lots of lovely crochet Star Wars, Dr Who, Super Heroes, anime and other sci fi inspired cuties!!! I also have a matching range of beanies and other hats and scarves as well as the odd tea cosy or cushion too.”

Come visit Fort Con on October 22nd and see what amazing geeky items Oscar Cat Creations has for you!

Mairi Scott also takes commissions for work with nothing being too strange – so get your requests in. Find out more here.

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