NeilinCo Geek Creations

NeilinCo Geek Creations is a rubber duck rescuing, geek-cycling business that turns the old into the new! You did read that right!

Starting in 2012 with a single rubber duck, NeilinCo now hand-makes the only geek-cycled rubber ducks available worldwide!!

NeilinCo Geek Creations Fort Con

Able to turn a humble duckie into anything your imagination can concoct, they delight in custom orders and creative challenges! They also have a huge array of stunning nerdy woodwork items, hand-turned, cut, painted and burned to perfection.

We are excited to see NeilinCo exhibit at Fort Con. Come along in October and see them for yourselves.

Check out NeilinCo’s Facebook page for a whole host of geek-cycled goodies.

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