Liam Baldwin at Fort Con 2

Liam Baldwin gosh wow comic fort con fort william highlands comic conLiam Baldwin is the creator of the awesome Geeks comic book! Geeks is a 24 page comic, in glorious black and white, charting moments in the lives of three geek friends.

“The real difference is we’re not trying to tell a story of blood and revenge, there are no ‘dark secrets’ here, no serial killers, lust or betrayal, no scenes of ultra-violent action with people getting their heads blown off drawn in loving detail.

We don’t have any stories like that to tell.

We just like to make people laugh.”

That’s why Liam Baldwin and Geeks are popular all over, not just in the Highland area. Liam’s dedication to providing an outstanding reader experience is evident in the effort and passion that goes in to his creations.

Don’t miss out on meeting Liam Baldwin and ‘the tribe’ at Fort Con 2: The Fort Unleashed. Fort Con is the Fort William and Highlands comic con returning on 5th August 2017.

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