FORT CON 2 will be a fundraiser for the Nevis Centre venue in Fort William.

We will be donating FIVE PERCENT of the face value of ALL ticket prices to the Nevis Centre!


When you buy a ticket for Fort Con 2, not only are you going to have an awesome day out, you will be helping to secure the future of the the largest community hub in the Highlands.

The original company that was running Fort Con had initially proposed a fund pot for the Nevis Centre, the Fort William Convention venue. The NEW volunteer organisation that has taken over Fort Con on a not-for-profit basis will be continuing with a similar proposal.

This means that 5% of the face value of ALL tickets sold will be going to the Nevis Centre after the event along with any other donations made to the event by individuals or companies.

The Nevis Centre needs a little bit more financial help as the funding to the venue for the next few years, at least, has been cut whilst maintenance concerns have increased. We certainly don’t want to see the largest venue for 50 miles in all directions vanish or have to close its doors and as an event we will do all we can to help out.


How YOU can help

  • Buy a ticket for Fort Con 2
  • Make your charity the ‘Nevis Centre’ this year.
  • Spread the word, the more people who are aware, the better.

We know that some of our exhibitors and attractions this year will already be collecting for the Nevis Centre and if you wish to do the same then just let us know. You or your company can be named as a integral part of this unique Fundraiser.

See what else is on at the Nevis Centre Facebook page.