Fort Con Zombie Cage


You did read that right! We’re thrilled to announce that there’s going to be a ZOMBIE CAGE at Fort Con 2: The Fort Unleashed on August 5th!

You might be asking yourself; what is a zombie cage? It’s exactly that, it’s a blocked off area or cage with… well, zombies in it. They are real zombies as well so don’t get too close as they’re a bit bitey and if they do take a chunk out of you then you might become one too… and our insurance guys wouldn’t like that, so you’ve been warned!

It’s a fantastic photo opportunity for everyone who attends Fort Con 2 and if you’re very careful and ask the undead nicely enough then there might be a chance to enter the cage and have a photo taken with them!

Truth it, we can’t tell you too much about this attraction, so you’ll just have come along to Fort Con and experience it for yourself!

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