Fort Con – the Highland’s biggest and best Comic Con

There can be only one.

The Fort William Comic Con & Expo, AKA: FORT CON, is set to be the biggest and best Comic Con in the Scottish Highlands.

Fort Con has been ‘Firsty’! Okay, that didn’t quite work but we have been announcing firsts for the Scottish Highlands all the way back since the idea was conceived.

  • First pop culture festival in the Highlands.
  • First to build on the success of Hi-Ex and take it to the next level.
  • First to pull together exhibitors, artists and creators from all over the country to the Highlands
  • First to attract Film & TV guests to the remote parts of the Scottish Highlands.
  • First to have exclusivity over guest lists for years to come in the Highlands
  • First to promote and market to the whole of the UK for the Highlands.
  • First to believe that no one in the Highlands should be left out and roll with that value.
  • First to be funded entirely by private and business investment.
  • First to put on coaches from Glasgow to attract more people to the Highlands.
  • First to bring a Comic Con back to the Highlands!

…and not just a Comic Con but an entire pop culture festival.

We’re simply leading the way in the Highlands and we’re doing it for Fort William. A town where communities matter and people come together with a passion to see events like this become successful.

Fort Con IS the Highland’s Comic Con and is for the entire Highlands. Fort William has the venue, the geek factor, the community and the marketing budget to reach the whole of the UK and beyond.

To everyone visiting and involved in Fort Con this year – let us put Fort William on the map for something other than Ben Nevis and the Harry Potter train. Let’s see Fort Con – the Highland’s Comic Con – grow and expand year in and year out.

Let us get the word out that Fort Con is not just Fort William’s Comic Con – it is the Highland’s Comic Con – for there can be only one! And not only that, Fort Con is one of Scotland’s Comic Cons, large enough to sit side by side with the biggest conventions and wee enough to focus on the spirit and culture of its location in the Scottish Highlands.

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