Cosplay Hotshot Contest


Unlike similar events, we will not require you to sign up to the contest before hand. You can easily sign up on the day at the Cosplay Hotshot Contest sign up desk before a certain time.

There will be prizes to be won in every category!

The Contests:

Child ticket holders – 13yrs and under – 15:45 in The Studio.

Adult ticket holders – 14yrs and over – 16:30 in The Studio.


The Rules

  • Your costume can be handmade or shop-bought. Handmade costumes will be given preference to shop bought in the judging process.
  • Please sign up at the cosplay desk before 14:00 on Saturday 22nd October.
  • Spaces for the Cosplay Hotshot Contest are limited so don’t be late!
  • Entrants must be portraying recognised and published characters. We can not accept entrants whose costumes are based on original characters – however good you may look!
  • Any costume weapons will be checked by event staff before entry. Please read the convention policies here.

The Registration


The sign up desk will be just inside the entrance of the main exhibition hall. If you would like to take part in the Cosplay Hotshot Contest then please fill out one of the short forms at this desk before 14:00 on Saturday 22nd October.

The form will need to be completed with your name, category of cosplay, character name and an agreement of the sentence below.

By completing the form and entering the contest you agree that the Fort Con organisers and all partners are free to use any images and video taken during the contest for promotional purposes.

The Format

The contest will be judged by professional cosplayers who will award points on the actual costume and the performance of the cosplayer.

The first round: Entrants will make their way on to The Studio stage one by one and strike a pose or perform something relevant to their character. Any pose or performance should last no more than 20 seconds. Five finalists will be chosen to include at least one from each category.

The final round: The five chosen finalists will come back on to The Studio stage where the judges will decide a winner of the contest.

The Prizes

The Fort Con organisers will be putting together some great prizes for the winners of the contests – to be announced soon!

The starting gun has already fired – so get those outfits started!