Colin MacNeil

colin macneil fort con

Not many famous people tend to come from Fort William, Charles Kennedy was the obvious one, Barry Hutchison is quickly climbing the rankings in the book world and Justin Ryan (yes, that decorator presenter) was brought up in the Fort but left for Glasgow pretty sharpish. So it was with much awesomeness that we discovered that Colin MacNeil was born in Fort William and grew up in Inverness!

Born in Fort William, Colin MacNeil has spent 30 years drawing for the galaxy’s greatest comic 2000ad and has worked on some it’s most notable characters. From Devlin Waugh, Strange & Darke, Shimura, Insurrection (with Dan Abnett), Fiends of the Eastern Front, Chopper, Strontium Dog, Judge Dredd, including the award winning Judge Dredd: America with John Wagner. Currently he is working on a new series of the zombie hunter Defoe with Pat Mills.

colin macneil fort con colin macneil fort concolin macneil fort con

He has also drawn Batman for DC, Captain America & Iron Man for Marvel, Predator for Dark Horse, Bloodquest for Games Workshop and achieved a boyhood ambition to work on Savage Sword of Conan with the legendary Roy Thomas. He also worked for DC Thompson on the classic sci fi comic Starblazer.

colin macneil fort con

He has also provided artwork for several RPGs and CCGs, most notably for Magic the Gathering CCG.

He also done illustration, from various historical illustrations for Scottish Schools, an anti smoking children’s book for NHS Scotland, illustrations on 18th Century smuggling for Gunsgreen House in Eyemouth and for the Gordon Highlanders Regimental Museum in Aberdeen he helped create and illustrate an educational comic for kids to explain about the history of the regiment.

Outside of his regular work Colin has spent the last number of years doing research for a book about his grandfather’s time with the 51st Highland Division in France during WW1. If you had an ancestor who was with the Division in WW1 why not go along and tell Colin about them. He’d love to hear your stories.

Colin MacNeil will be a guest at Fort Con this October, or to put it another way – Colin MacNeil is coming home!