Christopher Owen

We are thrilled to announce that Christopher Owen will be exhibiting his awesome artwork at Fort Con this October!

Christopher Owen Fort Con

I have been drawing from the moment I could use a pencil and the passion I have for creating artwork is endless. I also grew up immersed in cinema. Star Wars and the work of Steven Spielberg, particularly Jaws, E.T and Indiana Jones, were the beginning of the love I have for the movies.

Christopher Owen Fort Con

Just as captivating as the films themselves was the artwork for the movie posters. Drew Struzan has been a particularly large inspiration on me. In an age where the hand drawn movie poster is as good as extinct, I seek to capture a little of the same magic that inspired me as a kid and continues to do so today.

Christopher’s movie-poster style art along with his other work will be available for sale at Fort Con. See more on Chris’s Facebook page.