Each guest table will have a selection of photographs for you to choose from. The cost of the photograph is included in the autograph fee. You can bring your own item to be signed by one of our guests but please limit the amount of items you bring. Each item can be signed for the same price as a signed photograph.

Do I have to pay for autographs?

Yes, autographs start at £10 but will vary depending on the guest. All prices are displayed below and at their table on the day of their appearance. If you have a professional photograph with one of the guests, they will sign it at their table for the same price as a regular autograph, they won’t sign it for free.

WILLIAM HOPE                           Aliens                                          £20

NORMAN LOVETT                      Red Dwarf                                  £15

JULIAN SEAGER                         Guardians of the Galaxy       £15

VIRGINIA HEY                             Farscape                                     £15

JOHN ALTMAN                            EastEnders                                £15

VALERIE LEON                            Carry On                                    £15

IAN MCNIECE                               Doctor Who                              £10

SIMON FISHER-BECKER         Doctor Who                              £10

Can I take a selfie with a guest?

Some guests may be more than happy for a selfie but please be aware of any extra charges as not all guests will offer a selfie for free. See any notices on the guest’s table. We will be offering professional photo shoots with most guests so please feel free to take advantage of the professional services available.