William Hope

William Hope who starred as Lt. Gorman in James Cameron’s 1986 masterpiece ‘Aliens’ is coming to Fort William for Fort Con – excitement is an understatement! Aliens was just the top of the pile for the Canadian actor, other appearances include the likes of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’, ‘Hellraiser 2’, ‘XXX’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and[…]


Brendan Lausmann with Point5volt will be exhibiting at Fort Con this October and we’re sure you’ll love what he creates! In his own words – “I create cell-shaded vector artwork of popular comic, movie and video game characters with a sometimes unexpected twist, such as my series of Poke-Mechs. When I’m not creating digital art,[…]

John Ferguson

John Ferguson is the creator and author of Scotland’s best selling independent graphic novel series ‘Saltire’ and he is on his way to Fort William in October. The critically acclaimed series first emerged in 2014 and publisher Diamondsteel Comics has since received award nominations for Art and Culture, Best British Comic and What’s On Book[…]