NeilinCo Geek Creations

NeilinCo Geek Creations is a rubber duck rescuing, geek-cycling business that turns the old into the new! You did read that right! Starting in 2012 with a single rubber duck, NeilinCo now hand-makes the only geek-cycled rubber ducks available worldwide!! Able to turn a humble duckie into anything your imagination can concoct, they delight in[…]

The Retro Spectrum

We are pleased to announce that Aberdeen’s finest retro toy and game shop is coming to Fort William in October! The Retro Spectrum is a nostalgic trip through Vintage/Retro Toys. Books, Games, Consoles & Computers. Whether you’re a vintage toy collector, a retro gamer or just a nostalgia hunter then The Retro Spectrum is the place for[…]

FutureQuake Press

We are happy to announce that FutureQuake Press will exhibiting at Fort Con in October. FutureQuake Press are a highly regarded British small press publisher. They regularly publish the Eagle Award nominated titles FutureQuake and Something Wicked, as well as the 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath. Find out more about FutureQuake Press at their website[…]